Thinking Spring

Thinking Spring
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Thursday, April 7, 2011

Thinking Spring

How do you dig in the dirt and keep your hands don't!  It's that time of year again and I'm in my element!  Guess it all started when my Dad built a sand box for us kids.  Wherever I've lived I've had a garden. I love watching things grow and then preserving the harvest.  So nice to open a jar of home canned peaches in the middle of the winter.... "Hunny" got the dirt all turned in the garden last week and I've been planting.  Even saw signs that the radishes are coming up already.  More signs of spring...the horses are loving the curry comb, and turning their nose up at the hay I throw out for them.  Why eat dried up hay when you can have nice fresh spring grass?'s a good life.

Wednesday, January 19, 2011

The winter steelhead season has opened and here is a look at the first steelie of 2011.   A 12 1/2 lb hen caught in the Illinois river.  We had fresh steel head for dinner....oh wow...delicious!

Home again

We're home again!  Took a little trip to Sacramento to see our little munchkins!  Baby boy munchkin...Sawyer is 4 months old now and 15+ lbs already.  What a little chubber.  My husband (PP) says it's the Superman milk he gets from his Momma, Raquel.  4 yr old munchkin, Trinity, is amazing.  How do you keep up with a 4 year don't!  She's smart...too smart!  Keeps Grammy and Papa on our toes that is for sure.  the Mom and Dad munchkins ( Raquel and Don) and PP and myself took a day trip to visit with PP's Dad and Mom who live in Watsonville, CA.  Dad is 93 yrs old and a totally amazing person.  Mom keeps us all in line!  We spent a day and a night there in Watsonville and then headed back to Sacramento...spent the night there and on to Oroville to visit with PP's cousin John and his wife Sam.  We enjoyed a delicious dinner with them and tried to discuss and solved the problems of the world during our short stay.  J & S have an orange grove and were in the process of picking so our car ended up having every empty spot filled up with wonderful, organic, tree ripened oranges!  Makes my mouth water and I think I'll end this blog now to go have an orange.

Monday, December 27, 2010

Our grand daugther Sonya's wedding Sept 2010

Sonya with Grandpa and Grandma Pearson. The wedding was held at Lake Tahoe. A beautiful backdrop for a beautiful bride. It was a grand day when Sonya became Mrs. Mac Scott. We are so happy to have another grandson...Mac is a great addition to our family.
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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Table cloth

This is the table cloth I made for our oldest grand daughter, Sonya for her wedding this past Sept 18th.  She married Mac Scott in a beautiful setting...Lake Tahoe.  A beautiful couple on a beautiful beach...a beautiful day... I hope the tablecloth will become a family heirloom. I taught Sonya to knit and crochet when she was about 14. She has since taken up the hooks and needles to make some beautiful things.  I'm thankful my Mom taught me and I was able to share my ability with Sonya.

Almost done....whew

I've been in a cleaning and organizing mood and my house has been a wreck all week long...but the end is in sight.  The Goodwill and the trash man have been the recipients of my efforts.  Now if I can just remember where I've put everything!  I bought some more cabinets to organize my craft supplies...I'll have to live at least another 50 years to complete all the projects I've got on hand.  Actually I'm using up some of my supplies making Christmas gifts for all the kids and grand kids.  My Mom use to make Christmas ornaments for ALL the family.  I mean ALL the family.  She would work for months completing them.  We all have a treasure of the things she so lovingly made.  I think she started the tradition when my children were born.  My oldest in 1957...and Mom just passed away on Christmas Day 2007.  So....there's enough of her handi work to decoraste several trees.  Anyway...I'm not that ambitious, and my decedents aren't' as numerous as Mom's but I've got 4, 18" Christmas angels made and 4 to go.  Back to my cleaning every file, every drawer, every cupboard, every closet in my house is in order!  Yay!  We've lived here for 3 it's about time don't you think?  It's really amazing the "stuff" I've stored for all these years (and added to).  It feels good to be done with it all.  Next project?  to go through all our photos, scan them and get them on albums...tagged with names and dates.....or thrown away! ....I expect this will be a good winter project!  Now....I wonder where my slippers are ?